A New Multimedia Series

Zionism: Recapturing the Vision​

About the Series

In the fast-paced, postmodern world, it didn’t take long to demonize a visionary movement centered on national and personal Jewish identity. For too many young Jews, Zionism has become anathema: a euphemism for extreme ethnic-nationalism, oppression and racism that delegitimizes Jews and Israel. And because Israel and the Zionist movement played such a central role in Jewish life and community, the adverse results on Jewish identity have been far-reaching and caustic..

“All societal phobias — from homophobia to Islamophobia to transphobia — are unacceptable, except, apparently, for Zion-ophobia (a term I picked up from my friend Judea Pearl.)”

– David Suissa, President, Tribe Media/Jewish Journal

Zionism is a comprehensive multi-platform project that explores the movement’s history and achievements in all their complexities. By exploring Zionist ideas, philosophies and key figures, the series redirects the conversation away from politics and returns to its roots: as a movement to rescue a shattered people by reuniting a scattered people. Not by whitewashing the story. But by digging deep, asking difficult questions and acknowledging the positive alongside the negative. So that young people will be challenged to recognize that Zionism is a story each and every Jewish person can be proud to embrace and cherish.

A Collaboration With Leading Zionist Educators

The project will be guided and led by Dr. Noam Weissman, OpenDor Media’s head of content. It is being developed in collaboration with award-winning historian and Zionist activist Professor Gil Troy and other leading Zionist educators.

The project will consist of multiple media content pieces on different platforms, embodying our ‘surround sound’ approach so audiences will engage with Zionism on the platforms and media that best work for them. These include:

10 YouTube videos

which will launch on our Unpacked channel, currently with 90,000+ subscribers

10-episode podcast series

building off our successful Unpacking Israeli History podcast which has 100,000 downloads

10 articles

on our new Unpacked publishing website, showcased on the homepage and in a weekly newsletter

10 educational resources

via our Unpacked for Educators network, hosted on a landing page on the UED website, for use by formal and informal educators

Social media posts

on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and Facebook

3-4 dedicated webinars

in partnership with Prizmah, the network for Jewish day schools in North America

2-3 virtual events

Goals of the Series

  • Empower young people to reclaim a connection to Israel and Zionism as a key part of their Jewish identity
  • Instill confidence so students can knowledgeably express support for Israel, Zionism and Judaism on campus
  • Equip educators across the political and religious spectrum with the tools to teach the complexities and nuances of the Zionism story
  • Reposition the perception of Zionism as a relic of the past, to a perception of Zionism as a living, breathing, moral movement that has a vibrant present and future

Reaching Today’s Generation

Videos will be available to audiences globally

Unpacked YouTube

85,000+ subscribers

partner schools

Unpacked for Educators

100,000+ annual site visits

Unpacked Social Media

500,000+ annual engagements

Unpacked Website

Top 25 Jewish website

Driving Impact

Within 12 months we aim to reach the following goals:

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