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A Federation/Agency-OpenDor Media partnership offers a seamless, practical and expeditious way for federations and local agencies to accelerate quality community programming. The kind of programming that empowers local leadership with the knowledge, tools and context to address the most pressing issues facing the Jewish world today — from Judaic studies, history and heritage to Zionism, Israeli politics and antisemitism.

OpenDor Media’s rich portfolio of films, media, speakers and content opens a world of possibilities for communities to come together to explore identity and heritage, and to lead more informed and connected Jewish lives.

Federation/Agency-OpenDor Media Partnership Programing Platforms

OpenDor Media’s honest entertaining and thought-provoking films, speakers and content bring a brave, uniquely nuanced perspective to Jewish and Israeli topics. These new media platforms promise to deliver high impact. Working together, programs can be customized to meet a community’s specific needs.

speaking engagements

Speaking engagements

for the entire community by OpenDor Media educators, speakers and facilitators

study sessions

Interactive study sessions

workshops and lecture series for Federation/Agency leadership

library of content

Full access

to OpenDor Media educational content, curricula and speakers, along with special access to feature films


Workshops and consultations

1-on-1 or small group for local professional development on effective Israel education and other topics

podcast appearances

Guest appearances

on community podcast channels

partner schools

Partner School

and Global Student Ambassador Programs for local Jewish schools

virtual q&a

Virtual Q&As

chats and screenings with producers/writers of select OpenDor Media content

Featured Programs

Talented speakers and nuanced films on thought-provoking and relevant subjects allow federations and agencies to offer programming that promises engaging and enthusiastic dialogue for audiences of all ages. Below are some of our program categories with a few of many different event topics.



Event Topics:
  • Zionism, Media and the Role of Education
  • How to talk to your teens about Israel?
  • A vision for Israel Education Today
  • Religious Zionism’s Crystal Ball- What the Past may Tell us about the Future

Israeli History

Israeli History

Event Topics:
  • The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict- Everything you need to know and more
  • Highs, lows and everyday struggles in the creation of the State of Israel
  • Nuanced Education on Israel- Addressing the complex topics and history
  • Difficult Questions Surrounding Israel Religion and state in the One Jewish state
  • Genocide? Occupation? Massacre? Let’s talk about it.



Event Topics:
  • Navigating the rise of Antisemitism
  • Antisemitic ideas reappearing today and the conspiracy theories that drive them
  • Unleashing the Power of Social Media- To fight Antisemitism
  • Know Before You Go: Israel on Campus
  • Screening of Unsafe Spaces: When Being Jewish Means You Don't Belong
  • Genocide? Occupation? Massacre? Let’s talk about it.
  • How Does Being Jewish Affect Your College Experience?

Featured Speakers

noam weissman

Dr. Noam Weissman, Executive Vice President and Head of Content

A recognized thought leader in the realm of Jewish education, Dr. Noam Weissman is passionately dedicated to inspiring inquiry and teaching without succumbing to simplistic worldviews. His commitment extends to constructing educational models that recognize and accompany students on their journey to understand a complex Jewish world.

Avi Posen, Senior Director of Israel Education - EMEA

A seasoned and dedicated Jewish educator, Avi Posen’s expertise spans both formal and informal Jewish education — from high school Judaic Studies teacher to Hillel Director and Jewish camp director. With a profound commitment to Israel and Jewish culture, he infuses his role with Unpacked for Educators with knowledge, passion, and innovative approaches.

Sarah Gordon, Senior Director of Israel Education - AMER

A innovative and experienced Jewish educator, Sarah Gordon’s extensive background spans both formal and informal realms. Having served as the Director of Israel Guidance and Experiential Education at Ma’ayanot High School, a Wexner Fellow, and a Davidson Scholar, she brings a wealth of expertise and passion to her role with Unpacked for Educators.

Yoni Buckman, Education Associate

With a rich background in leadership roles within Jewish education and community engagement at synagogues, Yoni Buckman specializes in designing and implementing project-based learning curricula for elementary school students in Judaic Studies, Hebrew, and STEAM, channeling his knowledge and passion into his role with Unpacked for Educators.

Hona Dodge, Education Associate

Hona brings a wealth of experience from teaching Israel education, Jewish studies, and history at Leibler Yavneh College in Melbourne. Rooted in experiential Jewish education, Hona, currently pursuing an MA in Jewish history at Bar Ilan University while residing in Israel, is poised to expand our reach and impact in the Australian community and global audiences.

Yirmiyahu dangiz

Yirmiyahu Danzig, Content Creator

Yirmiyahu Danzig is a dedicated educator and content creator for Unpacked, specializing in Jewish identity, diversity, and history. With a background in Homeland Security and Public Diplomacy, and having served as an Israeli Border Police squad commander, Yirmiyahu has utilized his expertise to become a sought-after speaker, regularly addressing joint Israeli-Palestinian events with the aim of navigating competing narratives and aspirations.


Federations/Agency-OpenDor Media Partnerships

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