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The #1 Jewish edutainment brand for young Jews, Unpacked inspires discovery and inquiry around the often complex issues surrounding identity, heritage and Zionism.

Unpacking all things Jewish

Unpacked reaches thousands daily on multiple platforms, encouraging them to develop a strong Jewish identity and connection to Israel based on knowledge and independent thinking.


A library of nuanced and thought-provoking videos that answer a range of questions related to Judaism and Israel housed on the #1 video app for millennials and Gen Z and the #2 search engine.


Offering an opportunity to deliver longer-form content, our podcasts deliver the Jewish and Israel story to an audience of engaged listeners. With 50% of monthly U.S. podcast listeners aged between 12-34, they offer an expanding opportunity to reach young Jews.


A re-engagement point for young Jewish adults. With 1.2 billion active users and 60% of them between the ages of 18-34 our content on Instagram builds not only brand awareness for Unpacked but also for Judaism and Israel.


A hub for all things Jewish – culturally, religiously and Israel. 90% of Gen Z use their phone to visit a search engine each month – we are there for them when they search for something Jewish or Israel in a generationally-authentic way that is favored by Google.


The fastest-growing social media platform. We are establishing ourselves as the premier creator of Jewish and Israel content specifically designed to hit TikTok’s “for you" feed where it has the potential of being seen by the platform’s more than 1 billion active users.


A thought leader in current events driving conversation with our original content by tweeting links to articles as they are relevant in the news cycle.


Weekly updates on the top stories in Israel or the Jewish world, with articles, video clips and podcasts to keep young Jewish adults informed about today’s complex Jewish world.

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Hear from our advocates

“I never knew that story about the Dalai Lama!! That is amazing. Love these vids and learning about my Jewish heritage ❤️”
YouTube viewer
“You guys are the best thing since Spaghetti Pineapple was invented! Too much flavour and love 🥰🤪🥢🤦‍♂️💋”
YouTube viewer
“ ...It's worth mentioning that I'm not Jewish or religious, and I consider myself fairly left wing. Having never given much thought to Israel and Palestine in the past, I was shocked when seeing it with my own eyes. Israel is young, fun, hard working, well educated, and an extremely welcoming country. Having always hung out with left wing and liberal crowds, I have a hard time seeing how many misconceptions these people have about the real situation in Israel and Palestine, and I'm surprised at how little they know about the history of the region.”
Unpacking Israeli History podcast listener
"Excellent history and commentary"
Unpacking Israeli History podcast listener
“Unpacked’s series on Israel/Palestine and Zionism truly opened my eyes to the complexities of these issues. Their videos are informative, comprehensive, and really digestible for young people looking to learn more about their Jewish identity and how it relates to the world around them. I’m so happy I found Unpacked on YouTube! It has only grown my curiosity and knowledge.” 
Blake Flayton, cofounder New Zionist Congress
“I’ve learned more from this than from Hebrew school!!”
Unpacked YouTube channel
“It’s a well made review of the Jewish traditional studies through ancient texts and honestly I feel like studying this further just by watching the video 😆 fantastic!”
YouTube viewer
"Was I wrong! This podcast has taught me a lot and provided nuance that I did not know. Kol hakavod!"
Unpacking Israeli History podcast listener
"The conversations that go down on this podcast are so inspiring spiritually, psychologically and emotionally! A+"
The Power Of podcast listener

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