With creators

Amplified is committed to building and strengthening a community of creators so they can successfully inspire and educate more audiences about Judaism, Israel, and combating antisemitism.

One voice is powerful, but a community of voices is unstoppable.

Offering a supportive community for content creators where they can share insights, hone in on their skills and work to build their audiences. When we support these lone creators we help propel the voice of Judaism and Israel to the farthest places in the world.

Strengthening creators increases their impact:


Combatting the isolation many creators feel by providing connection

Skill building

Providing training to help creators master their craft

Professional tools

 Offering access to a premier team of writers, editors and producers


 Sharing expertise and guidance to help creators better achieve their goals


school and institutions engaged


schools enrolled in exclusive international partner school program


annual website visits


of students expressed a greater sense of pride in the Jewish people

Hear from Jewish creators

"Knowing that I'm teaching non-Jewish people more about Judaism, fighting antisemitism through education AND connecting Jewish followers to their ethnicity and religion"
"I believe that we live within narratives, the stories we tell ourselves. I believe that the current stories we're living in are doing us no good. I'd like to tell a new story."
"I saw that Orthodox Judaism, especially Hasidic Judaism was always shown so negatively in the media, and I wanted to combat that stereotype. Yes my life is a little different as far as rules go, but it’s not a whole different world like many think. "
"This is the way I embody a proud Jewish identity, and a way for me to share the joy (and challenges, and complexities) of Jewish text learning."
"The future of Israel and the Jewish people. Inspiring younger Jews to find a connection to Israel. Peace building. "
"I’m very passionate about Jewish history and want to share what I’ve learned with everyone. Also, receiving messages from people who’ve found my work helpful or insightful is always a plus. I want to help Jews to see their history through the eyes of their ancestors, not through the eyes of their oppressors."
"Knowing that the work that I do today will make it easier for the next generation to focus on thriving instead of just surviving"
"A profound desire to transform the world for the better"

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