Jerusalem U is now OpenDor Media

Why we changed our name from Jerusalem U to OpenDor Media

In January 2020, we announced that we were changing the name of our organization from Jerusalem U to OpenDor Media. There were two reasons behind our decision:

Our old name was confusing

Jerusalem U, the name we began using in 2009, was causing confusion among our donors and partners. Many thought we were a university, an online university, an extension of The Hebrew University of Jerusalem – or a combination of all three. We are none of the above. Though we had offered accredited online Jewish learning video courses for a brief period in the late 2000s, at our core we are, and have always been, an educational media company with a global agenda.

Our mission has evolved

We needed a name that better expressed our organization’s vision and mission today. Digital platforms have given us an unprecedented ability to reach every young person on the planet. OpenDor Media reflects our mission to throw open the doors of Jewish and Israeli history and culture to the connected generation. Dor also means ‘generation’ in Hebrew – underscoring our belief that education is a generational phenomenon, passed on through historical narrative from parent to child, and from teacher to student.

We are proud of our Jewish heritage and identity and excited to embrace our role in helping to ensure the continuity of future generations through high quality, film-based educational content.

We hope that OpenDor Media will embolden our sense of purpose and serve as a rallying call to our many donors and supporters who stand shoulder to shoulder with us on our mission.

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