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The Power of

Jewish tradition and teachings that shape the human condition

About the project

Young people seek meaning and ponder existential questions in a complicated world. They seek answers and clarity everywhere – from pop culture, social media, books, mentors and peers.

The multi-platform The Power of series offers a new approach by inviting young people to explore where their timeless questions meet timeless Jewish tradition and teachings.

The ambitious project of experiential videos, podcasts, social media and teaching curriculum lets viewers experience what Judaism has to say about the way we love, advocate for racial equality, forgive, form relationships, build community, pursue happiness and speak to one another. No question is taboo and subjects are presented in a way that will evoke emotion, inspire reflection and encourage honest inquiry.

The two-pronged model of social experiment-based videos and educational tools illustrate how Judaism’s teachings are relevant in all walks of life. Experiential rather than informative, the series aims to generate a novel, educational response: moving audiences from “Wow, I didn’t know that before” to “Wow, I never looked at it this way before.”

Inspired by the teachings of Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks

Much of the series is drawn from the teachings of the late Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks, former Chief Rabbi of the United Hebrew Congregations of the UK and one of the foremost philosophers of our time. His words and teachings moved Jews and non-Jews alike to act in line with a tradition that, by definition, never allowed ideals to remain lofty aspirations, but rather translated them into deeds. He taught that Judaism was received “across great expanses of space and time… It changed and still challenges the moral imagination of humankind.”

Investing in the Jewish future

The series will play an important role in not just helping young Jews understand their roots, but be inspired by those roots to work toward creating a better world and better versions of themselves. The subject matter recognizes the intellectual and emotional legitimacy of their questions.

Reaching today’s generation

Videos will be available to audiences globally

Unpacked channel on YouTube

The 10-part video series will be available to audiences globally on the Unpacked channel on YouTube. YouTube is the top video platform for 18-34 year olds and the second largest search engine in the world.
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Unpacked for Educators website

Videos will be launched on the Unpacked for Educators website with specially developed educational resources. The site boasts an average of 7,500 educator visits monthly.
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The Power of podcast

The 10-part podcast series will dig into Jewish concepts which are deeply rooted in key philosophical ideas. Episodes will be available to audiences on all podcast platforms including Apple podcasts and Spotify.

Unpacked social media channels

We will distribute the key topics on our four social media channels. Formats will match the audience expectation on each channel. Channels will include Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and Twitter.

Driving impact

Within 12 months we aim to reach the following goals:

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