A New Educational Multimedia Series

Jewish Spirituality

Finding Meaning to Life in the Jewish Tradition and Teachings

About the Project

Religion today is often viewed as a rigid instruction manual with a lot of rules. This is especially so of the Jewish tradition, which features 613 commandments and an almost dizzyingly robust system of law (Halachah).

Jewish Spirituality offers a new perspective on the Jewish tradition, looking beyond the “dos and don’ts” of Judaism to understand the “why,” the spiritual element that elevates, punctuates and gives context to the “what” of Judaism.

This groundbreaking series will serve as a powerful antidote to the ever-increasing levels of apathy among young people today, showing young Jews that the potential for spiritual fulfillment can be discovered within their own faith, without having to seek a Shaman in South America or a Buddhist Monk in Tibet.

A JEIC/Mayberg Foundation - OpenDor Media Partnership

The series will be co-produced in partnership with the Jewish Education Innovation Challenge (JEIC), an initiative of the Mayberg Foundation launched in 2012 which seeks to ignite students’ passion for Jewish learning by improving the way Jewish values, literacy, practice, and beliefs are transferred to the next generation.

“We cannot lose the capacity for helping students develop their souls in service of teaching content and skills.” 

– Sharon Freundel, Managing Director, JEIC

The project will consist of multiple media content pieces on different platforms, embodying our ‘surround sound’ approach so audiences will engage with Jewish spirituality on the platforms and media that best work for them. These include:

10 YouTube videos

which will launch on the new Big Jewish Questions channel

New podcast series

which will include exploration around these issues, building off our successful Unpacking Israeli History podcast which has 250,000 downloads


on our new Unpacked publishing website, showcased on the homepage and in a weekly newsletter

Educational resources

hosted on the Unpacked for Educators website, for use by formal and informal educators within our network

Social media posts

on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and Facebook

3-4 dedicated webinars

including webinars for the Collaborative Schools Program, the greater UED educational community and the larger Jewish community

Teacher training sessions

for individual schools and communities as requested

Reaching Today’s Generation

Goals of the Series

In a world where so many young people are languishing, this project will provide meaning and purpose. This project provides the “why” in Judaism which will help elevate the “what” and the “how” of Judaism. 

  • Provide people who are searching for spirituality with the awareness that Judaism has much to contribute in this space and the search for spirituality can be found within Judaism, not outside it. 
  • Equip educators across the political and religious spectrum with the tools to teach about God and spirituality in their classrooms.
  • Reposition Judaism as a religion that has wisdom and depth to it for young people to turn to, as opposed to a religion that is about rules and laws exclusively. 

To borrow from Victor Frankl, we are all searching for meaning. We deeply believe Judaism can provide that meaning for this generation. We will provide the language, the experience, the knowledge, and convey this message on the platforms young people are native to.

Driving Impact

Within 12 months we aim to reach the following goals:

75,000 video views, with 50% of them from 18-34-year-olds

22,500 students reached

750 UED account users using the videos and resources

100,000 total combined engagements on social media

25,000 podcast downloads

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