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Record-breaking success

Unpacking Israeli History podcast shows record-breaking success

In 2020, our division Unpacked launched its first podcast with an excellent response from audiences worldwide. Unpacking Israeli History has become our flagship podcast, reaching over 1,000,000 downloads. Released seasonally, the podcast has been consistently ranked at #1 for Judaism-focused podcasts on Chartable, the industry’s measurement agency. 

Jewish History Nerds and Soulful Jewish Living podcasts top the charts

Using best practices from the field and learning from our experiences, we released two new podcasts. Jewish History Nerds and Soulful Jewish Living have already reached over 180,000 downloads and both have ranked #1 within the Judaism category.




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Listener feedback

“I first discovered Unpacked through the Unpacking Israeli History podcast, which immediately stood out to me as uniquely honest and even-handed in its coverage of Israel’s early and recent history. I have since discovered an entire universe of incredible Unpacked content – from their videos to written articles to additional podcasts. I have come to cherish so many things about Unpacked’s work – from the care with which the team approaches challenging and sensitive topics, to their perfect blend of education and entertainment. Most importantly, Unpacked has offered me empowerment – empowerment to engage more deeply with my own Jewish identity, and to appreciate the rich historical and cultural context that comes with it.”
Gemma Schneider
Student Harvard University
“The podcast Unpacking Israeli History changed my life. Many of the podcast episodes have made me more proud of Israel, even the ones that show the ugly side of Israel. The work you are doing is very much appreciated. I’ve shared so many of these podcasts with my family and we’ve all been learning.”
Zara N.
Podcast listener
“I just want to say thank you for your insightful, informative and entertaining Jewish History Unpacked podcast. The topics you cover are fascinating and really help me connect with our heritage, better understand our history and have given me a renewed appreciation for our rich and complicated history.”
Daniel Katz
Podcast listener

2024 year of expansion

Experience has proven that podcasts are the ideal vehicle for reaching new audiences with meaningful content.

Unpacking Israeli History

This podcast offers fresh perspectives on some of the most controversial and interesting events in the country’s history. Season 6 will be launching in the Spring.

Total: 6-8 episodes (30-35 min each)

Soulful Jewish Living

This podcast explores ways to employ mindfulness to find inspiration and strength in the way we think about and practice Judaism. In partnership with Rabbi Josh Feigelson of the Institute for Jewish Spirituality, this podcast will explore mindfulness practices through the lens of authentic Jewish sources, to uncover how Judaism can teach us to strengthen and center ourselves so that we can grow and develop spiritually.

Wondering Jews

This weekly podcast invites listeners to tune into an ongoing conversation on questions we ask as Jews in the modern world. Co-hosts OpenDor Media EVP Dr. Noam Weissman and Dr. Mijal Bitton, a Research Fellow at the Hartman Institute, explore ideas that are both relevant and timeless, and that are also sourced in Jewish tradition, texts and wisdom. Their funny, genuine and thoughtful conversation opens up a refreshing, intellectually honest, and curious approach to today’s big Jewish questions.

Jewish History Nerds

This podcast takes audiences on a dive into some deep cuts of Jewish history. From the Jewish Da Vinci Code to mass suicide pacts, hosts Yael and Shwab explore true stories that feel larger than life.

Total: 10 episodes (30-35 min each)

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