New podcast Jewish History Unpacked makes history come alive

OpenDor Media’s new Jewish History Unpacked podcast takes listeners on a fascinating journey through Jewish history.

The ten-episode podcast covers some of the most well-known, and unknown, tales from our shared past, captivating die-hard history buffs, as well as those who may have nodded off in history class.

Hosts Yael Steiner and Jonathan Schwab bring to life a veritable collection of “all the things you ever wanted to know about Jewish history but were afraid to ask.” Topics include whether Napoleon should be celebrated as a hero of the Jews, why there were there so many suicide pacts in the first century, and what would happen today if someone claimed to be the Jewish messiah. 

“The podcast is ideal for those who ever thought history was boring,” says co-host Yael Steiner. “We love that this platform lets us explore the larger-than-life events of our shared past, and zero in on the lessons we learn to impact Jewish life today.”

“We may not be official ‘historians’,” adds co-host Jonathan Schwab. “But we certainly do our homework! I love teaching Yael one week and having her teach me the next. The exchange and feedback from the audience has been great and we are excited about the podcast’s initial momentum.”

Tune in and subscribe to Jewish History Unpacked, available on the Unpacked website and on your favorite podcast platforms. 

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