New Podcast: A Day in the Life of Typical Israelis

OpenDor Media is proud to announce the release of Homeland, a new podcast in the popular Zionism series.

Ten episodes take listeners on a (stalled) bus journey, as Emily, an American journalism student, cajoles her fellow passengers on the broken-down bus to tell their stories. 

Via these ad hoc “interviews” with a series of fictitious characters, Emily reveals the rich and complex history of each Israeli’s unique story. The characters are portrayed by actors, but the stories they tell are real, gathered from real-life interviews. Each episode is a deep dive into each new character’s world; from Morocco to Russia, all paths lead to Israel in this engaging, narrative podcast.

Homeland invites listeners to become better acquainted with the everyday life of Israel’s diverse social landscape. To go beyond the news, soundbites and echo chambers and simply get to know some of the real people of Israel and see them in a new light. 

“I really like this idea. It feels like a story. But it’s “true” in the sense that it represents real events. I think it’s a great way to learn history. It feels more like I’m experiencing it, or meeting the characters. I feel more connected to the history this way. I look forward to more!”

Homeland listener

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