New Educational Initiative To Build Bridges

Conflict and common ground at the intersection of the Black and Jewish histories in America

OpenDor Media is pleased to announce the release of its new video series that offers an in-depth look at the complicated relationship between the Black and Jewish communities in America. Released to coincide with Black History Month, the series spans from the post-Civil War era through the Crown Heights riots in 1991.It will premiere on the Unpacked YouTube channel with videos being released weekly in February. It will also be a central component of a program for Unpacked for Educators, used to enrich curricula in its international community of schools at the forefront of Jewish and Israel education. The four-part video series is being produced in collaboration with the Jewish Federations of North America.

Each episode focuses on a different period, highlighting another aspect of how both communities are united and divided by prejudices and discrimination. The series begins in the nineteenth century and follows the changing dynamics and shifting power struggles. It chronicles the decline in relations over the three decades that followed the civil rights movement, and how matters came to a head with the Crown Heights riots in 1991. The final episode features a history of Black Jews in America and the evolution of the  Jews of Color movement. 

“We believe that true change can only happen if we understand our own complex history and how it connects and overlaps with others,” says Noam Weissman, OpenDor Media’s executive vice president. “This series does exactly that. It educates with the intent to nurture positive growth and interaction. We are so grateful to JFNA for partnering with us on this series and to our supporters, the Walder Foundation and the Bernstein Foundation”.

About Unpacked for Educators

Unpacked for Educators, a division of OpenDor Media, offers resources that explore the story of Israel and the Jewish people in all its complexity and sophistication. By untangling challenging ideas and bringing key historical moments to life, teachers have another way of showing students that Judaism is as meaningful and relevant as ever.

About OpenDor Media

OpenDor Media has been the leading creator of Jewish film content since 2009. It brings Jewish ideas, values and stories to life through quality filmmaking, delivering them to a global audience of millions using today’s most popular and far-reaching digital platforms. Its Film & TV division produces award-winning documentary films which include Beneath the Helmet, Hummus! The Movie and Sustainable Nation. Its digital edutainment brand, Unpacked, reaches millions of viewers annually with its short video content on YouTube, as well as other popular platforms such as Instagram and Tiktok. Content from both entities, accompanied by extensive educational resources, is featured on Unpacked for Educators, a digital resource that reaches educational institutions around the globe.

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