Fighting antisemitism through education

Thanks to generous supporters, we are pleased to announce that Unpacked’s new YouTube series: Antisemitism, Explained was released on August 4th.

Written by award-winning journalist Yair Rosenberg, the six-part video series explores the roots of antisemitism and how it affects the Jewish community and global events.

The resurgence of attacks against Jews and Jewish institutions, most notably since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, has brought antisemitism into sharp focus throughout the world. The goal behind creating the series is to encourage exploration and honest dialogue across the political and religious spectrum.

We are so grateful to the over 40 organizations and influencers who partnered with us to promote the series on multiple social media channels. To date, it has reached 60k+ views, with over 50% of the viewers in the 18-34 age group.

“To understand the historical roots of current antisemitic events and how it shapes and affects young Jews’ identities and the world in which they live, we need to explore the history,” says Yair Rosenberg, the series creator. “It’s both a crash course and a serious attempt to reground our broken antisemitism conversation. If it inspires people to dig deeper, have better arguments, and come up with better approaches than I did, then it will have been a great success.”

We are pleased to report that indeed, this seems to be the case, with reactions from across the globe being extremely positive.

Hello! I just saw Whose Fault is Antisemitism and Why Does Antisemitism Exist and I was just floored by the quality of the information AND the presentation. Amazing! The work you are doing is so, so important.”

– Julie Gray

“Thank you so much for this channel, please never stop…As a left-wing activist I’m so tired of having conversations with other leftists about this stuff only for them to get defensive and deflect to the right-wing. If you cant look at your own backyard your allyship is but performative”


“My compliments, very well balanced video explaining an extremely important issue. Bravo”

– Ron Benvenisti

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