A New Series

Faces of the Holocaust

Exploring different sides of the same story

About the Series

This series provides a groundbreaking approach that adds a human context to the quintessential crime against humanity. Beyond names and numbers, and transcending the sheer enormity of the horror, OpenDor Media’s Holocaust series introduces viewers to the human paradigms of the period, the place, the culture and the social landscapes and norms. Rather than telling stories about the people and how the Holocaust affected them, the series tells the stories of the human mosaic that defined, enabled, defied and resisted the Holocaust.

The goal: teach about the the Holocaust in a way that is relevant to today’s young people and inspire a human mosaic that will not let another Holocaust happen again.

The series comprises four videos contextualizing the four main human paradigms of the period:

What was it like to be a Jew then? Relate and evoke the fear, pain and burden.

What does a monster look like? Who were they? How does a regular person become a perpetrator?

Who were the “righteous gentiles” and what made them risk their lives to resist and aid others?

Where was the world? Is it possible to remain neutral in a world where such evil exists?

A Critical Series for Today’s Generation

A recent survey in the U.S. shows a “worrying lack of basic Holocaust knowledge” among millennials and Generation Z. Many respondents were unclear about basic facts, including over 1 in 10 respondents who did not recall ever having heard the word “Holocaust.”

Exploring and adding this social and human context will move young people to:

Reaching Today’s Generation​

Videos are available to audiences globally

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Partner with OpenDor Media on this critical project​

The studio-quality video content in this series is singly focused on speaking to today’s young audiences in a language they understand. Available and accessible where they look for answers and information — online and on social media.

We invite institutions who share a vision of strengthening the next generation’s Jewish identity and have the educational and institutional resources to achieve the mission, to partner with us in realizing our mutual objectives.

As a partner, your institution will be featured on the marketing collateral and tagged in social media posts. You can co-brand and embed the premium content to share with your audiences.

Together we can help the next generation internalize knowledge of our past to deepen engagement and inspire young adults to live richer Jewish lives to create a better world.

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