Unsafe Spaces: Coming to Los Angeles

On December 5-13, OpenDor Media is bringing a panel of speakers to the Los Angeles community to unpack the issues raised in the new 17-minute documentary film, Unsafe Spaces

Through first-hand accounts and examples, the film illustrates how threats against Jewish students have dangerously evolved: from open attacks for defending Israel to being marginalized from progressive spaces just for being Jewish.

Noam Weissman, OpenDor Media’s executive vice president and leading local educator, and Yirmiyahu Danzig, an Israeli activist and social media content creator will lead discussions on these open and more insidious threats against Jewish life and Jews on campuses across the U.S. 

“The film is great – thank you for sharing! Our students just left for the semester, but I could certainly see us screening it in the fall. I also wonder about showing it to some of our campus partners who struggle too under the Zionism = a type of antisemitism argument. As on many campuses, we had a lot of these challenges at the University of Rochester this past winter, stemming originally from last May during the conflict with Gaza, as the film notes! It was exactly as the film described it, with the buzzwords of settler colonialism, ethnic cleansing, genocide and apartheid. On our campus, as also mentioned in the film, there were also increasing accusations of Jews as white supremacists, and the idea that the argument that Zionism is a type of antisemitism was in and of itself racist, and silenced Palestinians and other “”students of color”” from sharing their own ideas about Zionism and Jews. It’s been an interesting time. Thank you for this important work.”

Joy Getnick, PhD, Executive Director, Hillel at the University of Rochester

The film screening and speakers are available at no cost to your organization or school. book a screening and panel here

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