Unpacking Israeli History Podcast Returns for Season 3

Podcast returns by popular demand with in-depth, honest analysis of Israel’s history and current events

Jerusalem (April 2022)

OpenDor Media is pleased to announce that the Unpacking Israeli History podcast is back by popular demand for its third series.  The first and second seasons were extremely popular, with over 140,000 accumulated downloads.

The podcast series is hosted by Dr. Noam Weissman, OpenDor Media’s executive vice president, a well-known thought leader on new paradigms in Jewish education. Each week, he takes listeners behind the scenes of Israeli history and digs deep into many of the most controversial events, exploring how they are relevant today. 

“After two successful series, we know that this podcast fills a real need for young audiences that crave nuance,” says Weissman. “They know that the story of Israel is not ‘one size fits all.’ In ten episodes, this third season will tackle some of the most controversial and difficult chapters in Israel’s history. Because we believe that if we want young people to connect with Israel in the present, we need to ensure they truly understand the past.”

The third season will cover the Hebron massacre of 1929, the expulsion of Jews from Iraq in the 1940s, the Kastner Trial and Holocaust survivors in Israel, IDF service and the ultra-Orthodox, the trauma of the Kishinev pogroms and some of the daring overt – and covert – missions of Israel’s defense forces and counterespionage units. 

Feedback from the first two seasons was above and beyond expectations, and inspired the content direction for the third.

One fan commented:

“Best. Pod. Ever. Jewish history has never been so interesting. For someone who always falls asleep in history class this pod has taught me so much. Can’t wait to continue my binge.”

Another listener emailed us to say,

“Love Noam Weissman. Don’t let this one pass you by! It’s a gem. Israel education can be so polarizing and fabricated in the political modern world, but here you getjust the facts and the real story with a nuanced perspective. Would recommend it for all ages and backgrounds!”

The first episode of the third season will drop on April 4, 2022.

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