Unpacked for Educators Releases New Zionism Curriculum

Zionism Revisited tackles all the angles and explores the movement’s place in Jewish life today

OpenDor Media is proud to announce the release of the new curriculum, Zionism Revisited developed by its Unpacked for Educators division.

Highlighting the movement’s original positive Jewish core values, Zionism Revisited helps educators give students a more robust understanding of the events and people that created and influenced the movement, to help them build a deeper, stronger connection with Israel.

“Students today often experience Zionism as a political movement with negative undertones,” says Dr. Noam Weissman, executive vice president. “We need to make sure they don’t miss the positive Jewish core values that are the movement’s foundation. By putting politics aside, we uncover the historical events and incredible people that influenced the modern movement with a critical and open mind. This nuance shines light on just how relevant these ideas are today.” 

Subjects covered include tacking what it means to be a Zionist and a patriot, with sources on how dual loyalty was addressed by luminaries such as Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis. Other units take a deep dive into the roots of Israel’s political system, and what it means to have a sovereign Jewish state with ancient/modern Jerusalem as its capital. 

These topics and more are presented in multiple media content items on different platforms. This embodies Unpacked for Educators’ “surround sound” approach so audiences can engage on the platforms and media that best work for them. This includes YouTube videos, podcasts, articles, social media posts, web-based resources, webinars, and virtual and in-person events. 

The Zionist Revisited curriculum was curated by a collaboration of leading Zionist educators. 

For more information, please visit https://unpacked.education/program/zionism-revisited/

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