#Israelat75: 75 years, 75 moments, in under 75 seconds

OpenDor Media launches an ambitious 75 years, 75 moments, in under 75 seconds video campaign: 75 videos unpacking 75 unique moments from the 75 years since Israel’s founding.

In the final countdown to Israel’s 75th anniversary, OpenDor Media is generating buzz and building excitement with the launch of its 75 years, 75 moments, in under 75 seconds video series. The unique moments are not the long list of revolutionary moments that changed world history. This series focuses on the everyday moments that make ever-developing Israel such a vibrant, exciting and diverse living tapestry. 

The creative team, led by Shaked Karabelnicoff and Abigail Ellis, showcases the small acts of resilience and resistance that make Israel one of the most interesting places on earth. Each video will tackle a new topic related to history, culture and religion. To give the audience an authentic Israeli experience, most videos are filmed on location. The experiential lens allows viewers to not just understand the issues, but connect with the people and the history on a deeper level. 

It will run for 75 days on Unpacked’s expanding TikTok channel and Instagram feed, in 75-second short videos, right up to Israel’s 75th Independence Day anniversary. The ambitious goal is to reach 750,000 views on both platforms. 

Tune in for 75 inspiring and inviting moments of Israel history, culture and tradition, for a real sense of Israel, and the place where young people will connect and relate to their shared past and present. 


@jewishunpacked Israeli couscous was born out of a need for rationing and a more affordable starch than rice. #unpackedin75 #israelat75 #israel ♬ original sound – Unpacked
@jewishunpacked How much do you remember about The Altalena Affair, Israel’s (almost) civil war?#Unpackedin75 #israelat75 #israel ♬ original sound – Unpacked

About Unpacked
Unpacked is a leading global Jewish youth media brand that creates fast-paced, fact-filled and thought-provoking short videos to help high school and college students untangle the complexities of Israel and Judaism. It is a division of OpenDor Media, an independent, unaffiliated, not-for-profit media company firmly grounded in traditional Jewish values, perspectives, and ideals.

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