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About the project

Current events about Israel and the Jewish world are complex and constantly changing. In a polarized media environment, it has never been more challenging to understand the real story, hear different perspectives and engage in honest discussion.

The real issues and the details are easily lost in the noise of one-sided narratives in the headlines and on social media.

We understand that young people and Jewish educators are hungry for content that tells the full story and includes relevant history and context. Because they know that history and context is critical to the ability to engage in difficult conversations about Israel and being Jewish in today’s world — on college campuses, in the workplace and on social media.

Our weekly newsletters are meeting this challenge. We deliver the week’s top stories from Israel and the Jewish world with nuance and context. The rare kind that invites discussion, further study and honest inquiry.

The Weekly, from Unpacked for Educators, includes student prompts so teachers can engage their students in the content, including the most controversial topics.

This Week Unpacked, from Unpacked, gives young Jewish adults a weekly dose of nuanced content with articles, video clips and podcasts to keep them informed about today’s complex Jewish world.

“I love having this in my arsenal of tools. We have many, many newsletters on various issues as well as many on Jewish issues. I don’t know of others that take those Jewish issues AND give us multiple suggestions on how to teach them. That’s what teachers need most — options.”

Neil Rubin

Chair of Jewish History, Beth Tfiloh Dahan Community High School, Baltimore, MD

“I not only receive the weekly newsletter, but I also READ it religiously…The newsletter inspires us and my key colleagues who work with teens and young parents to introduce and to discuss various controversial subjects, while stimulating us intellectually and allowing us to grow Jewishly.”

Leonard Petlakh

Executive Director Kings Bay YM-YWHA

“Kol HaKavod – your work is the best and most meaningful and creative content to come along in my 25 years in this business.”

Rabbi Ed Harwitz

Head, The Weber School, Atlanta, GA

“I’ve been receiving the newsletter for a few months now, and am consistently impressed with the format, the relevant topics, and especially the quality of the research and writing. The writing is crystal clear, the flow is perfect, the materials are impressively designed and targeted.”

Debbie Melamed

Our Mission:

  • Inspire a greater sense of connection with Israel and the Jewish people.
  • Break through echo chambers in the Jewish world.
  • Educate and empower young Jews to shape the Jewish future.


Data as of July 2021:

Subscribers: 5,892

3,992 Unpacked for Educators / 1,900 Unpacked

Open Rate: 36.9%

Unpacked for Educators / 36.5% Unpacked (average is 22.15% in the media and publishing industry)

Click Rate: 7.82%

Unpacked for Educators / 14.5% Unpacked (average is 4.62% in the media and publishing industry)

Unique Downloads: 10,939

Unique downloads of This Week Unpacked podcast

Our Goals:

Within 12 months, we aim to achieve the following goals:

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