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Letter From Our CEO

How can we ensure that every young Jew has a meaningfully positive relationship to their Jewish identity and to Israel? And, in a world where we are so misunderstood and increasingly vilified, how can we ensure that others have an accurate understanding of our story and our experiences?

These are questions we grapple with every single day, whether as parents or grandparents, educators or philanthropists.

Our approach at OpenDor Media is in essence a simple one – create great content that informs and inspires by speaking to young people in a language they relate to, and then distribute it through the channels they turn to, and educators they learn from. Through those channels and the extensive global network of educators using our content in classrooms, we reach tens of thousands of people every single day.

We are having a transformative impact on the way many of these young people relate, both intellectually and emotionally, to Judaism, Israel and the Jewish people. We know that from our interactions with people from across the world who reach out to us every single week and who tell us how their lives have been changed by their strengthened connection through engaging with our work.

In this annual report you will read about some of the specific pieces of content and campaigns we have been responsible for this year that demonstrate how we have been able to deliver this impact on a mass scale. That has only been possible with your help in 2022. Thank you! For all that’s been achieved, there is a great need and immense opportunity to grow further and faster in 2023.

Thank you for your generous support and partnership,

Thank you for joining us on this journey

Together we can impact Jewish lives forever.

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, so your gift is tax deductible.
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