UNPACKED launches French-language YouTube channel “On déballe!”

UNPACKED, a division of OpenDor Media is proud to announce the launch of their French language YouTube channel “On déballe!

In order to further their efforts of combatting misinformation and empowering more young people today, UNPACKED has launched a French-language YouTube channel. “On déballe!”, which translates to “We unpack”, features popular videos from the UNPACKED English language channel such as ‘The History of Ethiopian Jews’ and ‘The Dreyfus Affair’, translated into French and hosted by native French speakers.

French is the fifth most spoken language worldwide, rapidly becoming one of the fastest-growing, with over 320 million speakers. According to a study conducted by Natixis, it is projected that by 2050 there will be 750 million French speakers. This increase is not limited to Europe and Africa but is also rising in Canada and the United States, where bilingual French-English curricula are increasingly common. 

Young people across the globe are becoming more engaged in politics and publicly participating in popular social movements that gain traction online. These individuals live much of their lives on online platforms — and with misinformation spreading like wildfire, this age group is constantly exposed to antisemitic conspiracies that they accept as truth. As antisemitism reaches unprecedented levels since Oct.7 and social campaigns such as “From the River to the Sea” and “All Eyes on Rafah” are gaining more traction each day, providing balanced information through online platforms such as “On déballe!” is more crucial now ever before. 

UNPACKED is combatting this hate and broadening its reach by providing nuanced, fact-based French content through “On déballe!” “Our channel will not only educate French-speaking audiences on Israel and Jewish-related topics but also serve to combat antisemitism, a growing concern in France and around the globe,” said OpenDor Media’s Chief Executive Officer Andrew Savage. “We believe that education is the key to safeguarding against misinformation, which leads to antisemitic sentiment.”

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