UNPACKED and JEIC launch Spirituality YouTube Series to help Jews create a personal connection to their faith

UNPACKED, a division of OpenDor Media, is excited to partner with the Jewish Education Innovation Challenge (JEIC) in launching a new YouTube series about spirituality with generous support from the Mayberg Foundation, The Zalik Foundation Fund, and The Weisfeld Family Charitable Foundation.

The ten-part video series will feature on the Youtube channel Big Jewish Ideas and offers young Jews a way to connect with their spirituality and heritage with new episodes being released biweekly. JEIC and Unpacked for Educators (UED) will be working closely with selected schools to incorporate the series into their curriculum.

Levels of loneliness, anxiety, and depression among young people today have skyrocketed. Spirituality can serve as a powerful antidote by offering comfort and meaning when people feel lost and isolated. Unfortunately, many young people are struggling to access spirituality — at precisely the moment they need it most. This series hopes to bring inspiration and connection directly to them by offering a broad understanding of their heritage and its traditions through short, digestible videos.

This series explores Jewish tradition and teachings that can infuse viewers’ daily lives with understanding, personal connection, and meaning. It provides a new perspective on the Jewish tradition, looking beyond the “dos and don’ts” to understand the “why,” the spiritual element that elevates, punctuates, and gives context to the “what” of Judaism. Topics include, “Why doesn’t God stop evil?”, “Why does Judaism have so many rules?” and “How do I know I have a soul?”

“Jewish people of all ages need meaningful opportunities for connection,” said Sharon Freundel, managing director of JEIC. “Through this partnership with UNPACKED, we seek to both inspire and inform our young people: Inspiration draws them in; information will help them stay involved in the tradition.”

“With this series, our goal is to bring spirituality back into the conversation,” said Dr. Noam Weissman, executive vice president of OpenDor Media. “By exploring the big “whys” of Judaism, we are hopeful that young Jews will understand their own identities in powerful ways.” 

About OpenDor Media:
For well over a decade, OpenDor Media has been at the forefront of producing engaging, informative, and inspiring Jewish- and Israel-related educational media, bringing ideas, values, and stories to life for a global audience of millions. Through a network of educational institutions, communal organizations, and digital channels, OpenDor Media enhances the understanding and enduring personal connection of young Jews and their peers to Judaism, Israel, and the Jewish people.

About JEIC:
Jewish Education Innovation Challenge (JEIC) is a bold initiative to radically improve the quality of Jewish education in day schools across North America. We bring together educators, funders, influencers and consumers to pursue lasting school culture change through innovation, experimentation, and collaboration. Initiated in 2012 by the Mayberg Foundation and supported through multiple philanthropic partnerships, JEIC seeks to ignite students’ passion for Jewish learning by improving the way Jewish values, literacy, practice, and beliefs are transferred to the next generation.

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