Where Do We Belong?

A New Educational Series

About the Film

College campuses are becoming increasingly complex environments for Jewish students to navigate.

Many Jewish students face the paradox of belonging to a minority group that has suffered centuries of antisemitism while also being considered “privileged.” This advantaged status has complicated the standing of students who struggle to find their place on campus.

Jewish students often identify with progressive values, yet many progressive groups excessively criticize Israel and essentially “force” Jewish students to choose between their liberal values and support of Israel.

To address this reality, we are creating a new video
series called Where Do We Belong? Navigating the
Realities of Being Jewish on Campus, which will include videos that can be watched as a complete unit or shown individually.

Why Do We Need This?

The series is designed to address the complex issue of being a Jew on campus, and it will:

  • Unpack the unique challenges students face due to the rise in identity politics and intersectionality
  • Present a mature understanding of Zionism and how it is often mischaracterized
  • Explore key aspects of the history of the Arab-Israeli conflict
  • Offer a clear framework for creating and maintaining a connection to Israel in a university culture that often conflicts with that bond

Project Goals 2020/21

  • Reach 20,000 students
  • Use of the series by 150 Jewish schools or institutions
  • 25,000 total views on digital platforms
  • 75% of students report increased knowledge and confidence
  • 75% of teachers report the video and curricular materials as useful

Distribution Plan

Targeted Digital Campaign
We will create and execute digital marketing campaigns on social media platforms (Facebook and Instagram), targeting young Jewish adults and driving them directly to videos in the series.

Unpacked For Educators
The video series and accompanying educational resources will be available on the Unpacked for Educators website, to a global cross-denominational network of Jewish schools and organizations. In 2019 nearly 27,000 students watched our films.

Public Relations Campaign 
The initial launch will be promoted by a public relations campaign in high reach publications across Jewish media outlets.

OpenDor Media Partner Organization Participation 
We will leverage our email database to share the series with Jewish organizations seeking to bring meaningful
content to their constituents.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Supporters will be recognized on all of the videos in the series, as well as on the Unpacked for Educators website, for the following opportunities:

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Get in touch with our team for updates on the development of Where Do We Belong? and for sponsorship opportunities. 

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