A New Educational Multimedia Project

The Big Ten

Revisiting the Ten Commandments: Timeless Lessons for This Generation

About the Series

Young people today are searching for meaning and a connection to the spiritual. Everywhere. From pop culture to popular music, to sold-out mega-events like the Kayne West Sunday Service.

The Big Ten series offers a new approach, by inviting young people to reexamine and explore how these central tenets of Jewish tradition, and much of Western civilization, can answer their questions, address complexities and inspire spiritual connection.

The groundbreaking series will examine each of the Ten Commandments, one by one, and bring them to life as the core building blocks to forming a relationship to God and to fellow human beings. By exploring the deeper lessons, hidden and revealed, young people will be inspired to evaluate and embrace the Ten Commandments as a living manual to strengthen relationships and connections to Jewish life, tradition and society in general.

The multi-media series will include videos, Instagram content, TikTok clips, teacher guides and lesson plans. This framework embodies OpenDor Media’s “surround sound” approach that enables diverse audiences to engage on the platforms and media that best work for them.

A Project Aseret - OpenDor Media Partnership

The series will be co-produced in partnership with Project Aseret, an innovative educational initiative that has been working since 2009 to establish the Ten Commandments as a central element of Jewish identity for young people in Israel and throughout the Jewish world. 

Anticipated completion date: Q2 of 2022

Reaching Today’s Generation

Videos will be available to audiences globally

Unpacked for Educators

Videos will be featured prominently on the Unpacked for Educators website, accompanied by specially developed resources and guides. The Unpacked for Educators site boasts an average of over 9,000 visits per month.

Unpacked social media channels

Key topics will be adapted for social media platforms including Instagram and TikTok.

Unpacked Website

Articles about the key topics will be published on the Unpacked website

Driving Impact

Goals of the project:

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