It’s a Big Jewish Listening Party

Millions of people use podcasts to be informed, educated and entertained.

What about Jewish podcasts?

There are many podcasts that explore Jewish and Israel topics, with some reaching thousands of people weekly. Podcasts about Jewish and Israel topics are in high demand. The window of opportunity to deliver excellent Jewish podcasts is now.

We’ve already hit ‘record’​

In 2020, our Unpacked division launched its first podcast with an excellent response from audiences worldwide. “Unpacking Israeli History” is our proof of concept series, with 20-minute episodes released weekly to an audience of thousands.

“I want to recommend this podcast on Israeli history. Noam Weissman does a great job (in under 30 minutes!) of explaining complex issues related to Israel. You will learn so much!!”

Chaya Leah Sufrin

Executive Director, Long Beach Hillel, CA

“I LOVE the “Unpacking Israeli History” podcast…Noam Weissman is so talented. He passes soooo much information with such ease :))) and the text and the content are brilliant. I’m also spreading the word around me.”

Oria Ortov


In 2021 we plan to launch three new series

Podcasts are the perfect vehicle for reaching new audiences. Each series will cover a distinct topic relevant to young Jews. Podcasts and educational resources will also be housed on the Unpacked for Educators website, for use in thousands of classrooms worldwide.

Unpacking Israeli History

Season 2 of our hit series covering pivotal moments in history

Relevance of Judaism

Interview series with key personalities covering why and how Judaism is relevant today

Series 3

To be determined

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