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Antisemitism Unpacked

A New Take on an Old Story

About the Series

The resurgence of attacks against Jews and Jewish institutions across the USA and the globe, especially since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, has brought the issue of antisemitism into sharp focus once again. 

To understand the historical roots of current antisemitic events and to unpack how antisemitism shapes and affects young Jews’ identities and the world in which they live, OpenDor Media’s division Unpacked is producing a series of six YouTube videos written by award-winning journalist Yair Rosenberg. These seven to ten minute videos are designed to debunk seven of the most common myths about this phenomenon. 

Using real-world audio-visual examples of illustrative antisemitic incidents and short interview snippets with experts and victims, these videos will help young people to define what is meant by antisemitism. They will also give them the empowering tools to spot and understand the type of antisemitism they are most likely to encounter in everyday life.

Planned topics in the series include: why antisemitism is so hard to fight; the myth that antisemitism subsided after the Holocaust; the question of whether criticism of Israel is antisemitic; if Jews or Israel cause antisemitism; and whether antisemitism is unique to a particular political, religious or ideological group.

“2019 was a year of unprecedented anti-Semitic activity, a time when many Jewish communities across the country had direct encounters with hate”

Jonathan A. Greenblatt, (NY Times)

A.D.L.’s chief executive

“… I never encountered such a level of palpable fear, anger, and vulnerability among American Jews as I do today, with attacks coming from the far left and the far right of our own society, and from attackers whose only common denominator is hatred of Jews.”

Gary Rosenblatt (The Atlantic)

Investing in the Jewish Future​

Unpacked videos play an important role in helping young Jews understand their roots and their complex relationship with Israel. This video series will be a tool that they can use to make sense of the terrible phenomenon of antisemitism. Understanding the roots and causes of antisemitism will allow them to identify when they are being attacked for something outside of their control and give them confidence to stand up for themselves.

Series Writer: Yair Rosenberg

Yair Rosenberg is a senior writer at “Tablet Magazine” where he covers the intersection of politics, culture and religion. His work has also appeared in the “New York Times,” “The Washington Post,” “The Wall Street Journal,” “The Atlantic” and “The Guardian” and has been recognized by the Religion Newswriters Association and the Harvard Center for Jewish Studies. During the course of his career, Rosenberg has covered a broad spectrum of topics including national elections in America and Israel, observant Jews in baseball, the Yiddish translation of Harry Potter and Muslims and Jews in comic books. In his spare time, he creates bots that troll antisemites on Twitter. Rosenberg also composes and sings original Jewish music.

Reaching Today’s Generation​

Videos will be available to audiences globally

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Driving Impact​

Within 12 months we aim to reach the following goals:

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